Our Locations

We've strategically positioned our offices in key jurisdictions to provide our clients with the best mix of jurisdictional solutions to their financial needs and goals.

Guernsey Channel Islands

Guernsey is widely recognised as one of the World's premier international finance centres. This "gem of the sea" is where Oak was founded and remains headquartered. Guernsey has built an outstanding reputation as a fund domicile, with current assets in excess of £260 billion.

Isle of Man Crown Dependency

The combination of an educated workforce, good legislation, a well-regulated environment and tax neutrality for the international company or individual, means that the Isle of Man is an excellent home for our clients’ economic centre of interest adding value to their capital wealth and protecting hard-earned success.

Jersey Channel Islands

Jersey has established itself as a leading offshore international finance centre, benefitting from a comprehensive regulatory framework that meets the highest standards of the international bodies. The commercial environment in Jersey is home to some of the world’s leading banks, financial institutions and law firms meaning first-class service providers are within easy reach.

Luxembourg European Union

Luxembourg remains one of the leading on-shore financial centres for funds and corporate services. Our presence in this jurisdiction affords our clients added flexibility in structuring and managing their funds, offering a range of practical vehicles for private equity and other alternative asset managers.

Malta European Union

Many factors make Malta attractive to foreign operators wanting an EU-compliant, flexible domain. Easily accessible from European cities, it's a low-cost environment with a skilled workforce, has great communications infrastructure, and an advantageous tax regime backed by numerous double taxation agreements.

Mauritius Africa

In Mauritius, the mixed economic system combines private freedom with centralised economic planning and government regulation. It provides an excellent base for certain types of trust operations.